Our Work

Blizzard Zeratul Figure
See only my mystically piercing green eyes
Blizzard Tyrael Night Light
Lighting the frightening halls of your home
Custom Royal Bank of Canada plush doll
A bowler hat-wearing banker
Friendly creatures and good sports
Custom Google Android Stress Toy for HTC
The invasion begins...
Apperson Gnome Stress Reliever
A desk-friendly dwarf
Canterbury School Mascot Stress Reliever
The saints go marching in
Metro Newspaper Business Card Holder
The Cadillac of business card holders
Safeco Insurance Re:Action Force Action Figures
"Insuring" a safe future
Stuffed full of bottlenecks and clutter
From the Homestuck universe
On your desk and at your service
Custom Action Figure for Geeks
Designed by geeks, for geeks
Accountant tested, banker approved
Happy Worker GeekMan BossMan MoneyMan SuperMom Action Figures
Work and play - together at last
Tucows OpenSRS Service Guy Custom Stress Reliever
Customer service by the handful
Oceana Wind Turbine Toy
A windy day's best friend
McAfee It Security GeekMan Action Figure
Your virtual IT security geek
McMillan Study Guides Air Force Stress Relievers
Toys that have earned their stripes

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