Tyrael Night Light Brightens up Comic Con

By Heidi Peckover
Topics: Toys in Action

Illuminating the path to bed after a long night of gaming (assuming the sun hasn't come up yet,...

Cute but Deadly Cloaking Zeratul Launches at SDCC

By Heidi Peckover Blizzard Cute but Deadly Zeratul Figure
Topics: Toys in Action

If you're lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, B-line it to the Blizzard booth...

"Let There be Light!"

By Happy Worker
Topics: Toy Making

The Hearthstone replica is the latest collaboration between Blizzard and Happy Worker. This piece...

Toy Mapping: Mascot Toys of the Summer and Winter Games

By Happy Worker
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Topics: Toy Culture

To celebrate the unusual history of mascot toys from the Summer and Winter Games we’ve created this...

Rytlock: Warrior, Legend, and... TV Star?

By Greg Wong
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Topics: Toys in Action

The Big Bang Theory fans were treated to an unusual guest star last week, with a cameo by a certain...

Grownups & Their Plush Toys

Topics: Grownups & Toys

Photo courtesy of Ted Percival There was an interesting plush toy survey in the UK. The hotel...

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