Please note that hiring will resume in late January/early February 2016

We Want You(!) - if…

You’re a really special kind of teammate:

  • You’re particularly passionate.
  • You love being part of a small team that accomplishes great things.
  • You live to tackle any and all challenges.
  • You’re Self-motivated + a “we before me” kind of person.
  • You’re obsessed with getting all the little details right, while getting things done fast.
  • You blend a strong work ethic with a friendly, good natured personality and a super sense of humor.
  • In short, our teammates are the ultimate happy workers!

Happy Roles

You're in luck! Happy Worker is looking at add some members to our team:

Happy 3D Toy Designers

No longer accepting applications.

Happy Production Coordinator
(AKA Happy Maker of Great Things)

No longer accepting applications.

Client Happiness Coordinator

No longer accepting applications.

Happy Toy/Product Designer and Developer

No longer accepting applications.

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Be a happy worker! :)