Making Personalized Action Figures & Single One-Off Toys

"One-Off" action figures, plush, and toys.

A happy note about personalized “one-off” custom figures and toys...

Happy Worker Makes Thousands of Toys per Production Run

Can Happy Worker Help with Single or Few Figures? Happy Worker regularly receives requests to make a single personalized toy or a handful of toys - usually personalized for use as a prop, a special gift to a friend or colleague, or as marketing piece. While these inquiries are touching and intriguing unfortunately this isn’t our focus. Happy Worker only makes toys in larger orders (a few thousand toys at a time).

If you would like to order thousands of toys, choose the page for the type of toy you have in mind:

Custom Action Figures

Custom Vinyl Figures

Custom Plush

Custom Resin Figurines

Custom Stress Toys

Some Options for Making Personalized Action Figures or Toys

  • Option 1: Working with Companies that Specialize on One-Off Toys

    There are some companies that offer ‘custom’ one-off action figures, vinyl toys, and resin figurines of varying types in the hundreds of dollars, usually by ‘personalizing’ a head on a choice of stock or standard figure bodies. While we can’t recommend any specific company, but if you do an online search for “personalized action figures” you’ll find several firms. As with anything the usual caveat is you get what you pay for.

  • Option 2: Working with Figure Customizers

    If you are looking for a low priced crafted personalized figure another option you may consider is finding and working with action figure “customizers”. These are normally individuals who are serious toy & figure fans and have some model making or sculpting skills. They are able to combine existing parts and pieces from off the shelf toys to recreate a ‘personalized’ figure.

  • Option 3: Finding a Quality Crafter who Makes Toys by Hand

    Sites like are gathering places for people who craft toys (and lots of other products) by hand and put them up for sale. Some plush-makers and toy-makers not only sell their own creations, but also accept commmissioned work. Try finding a few individuals who make toys in the materials you need, and reach out to see if they're interested in your project.

Toy Design and Prototyping Services

We exclusively design and prototype toys that Happy Worker is also manufacturing. Because of all the love and attention we lavish on the things we make, we aren’t able to offer design and prototyping as an independent service.

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