Halloween Office Costumes

Lame costume ideas for your office Halloween party

Had enough of the real-life witches, goblins and devils at work? While it's great to get creative with your office costume, here's a few we hope you never attempt... that is, unless you plan to go trick-or-treating -- permanently.

The Winning Ticket

Give co-workers a not-so-subtle reminder that they still have to work like peons because they haven’t hit the big one.

The Grim Reaper

Stressed colleagues will be even more nervous to sit beside you in the lunch room. Comes complete with a handy bag of free "treats" - evil pink slips, signed by the devil himself (...or herself).

The Winning Ticket Halloween Costume The Grim Reaper Lotto Halloween Costume

The Broccoli Bunch

Reminding co-workers to eat better is a sure way to be the most unpopular person around. (p.s. be on the look out for roving hordes of broccoli haters carrying pitchforks and torches, yelling "Die, broccoli, die!")

The Photocopier

Enjoy your whole day being kicked and hit, interspersed with the occasional mooning incident as colleagues try to create enlarged mementos of their butts.

The Broccoli Bunch Lotto Halloween Costume The Photocopier Lotto Halloween Costume

The Decaf Coffee

Receive dirty looks and occasional pushes toward the trash. (On the plus side, if you can get a friend to dress as a non-alcoholic beer you can team up and be the death of the party...)

The Computer Virus

Nasty stares and various foul comments will surely make you wish you took a sick day. (p.s. Extra points if you're a programmer or techy type and wear your costume during a client meeting!)

The Decaf Coffee Lotto Halloween Costume The Computer Virus Lotto Halloween Costume


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