Get Out of Work "Free"

Get out of work free monopoly card for office
Play the card... get the boot

Get out of job jail free card for the office

Official Rules for Get out of Work "Free" Card

Monopoly Card for Job Haters

You’ve entered Workplace Wasteland when...

(1) Your career path lands on the job marked "Go to Workplace Wasteland"
(2) You apply for a job description marked "Go Workplace Wasteland"
(3) You call in sick (when, in fact, you are perfectly healthy, playing Guitar Hero by yourself at home) three times in succession.

When you are sent to Workplace Wasteland you cannot smile at work, decorate your cubicle or experience workplace satisfaction since, regardless of where you are on the corporate ladder, you must move directly to Workplace Wasteland. Your zest for life and personal fulfillment ends when you are sent to Workplace Wasteland.

Just Visiting

If you are not "sent to Workplace Wasteland” but, in the ordinary course of the day, happen to pass by a wasted colleague, you are "Just Visiting". You incur no penalty, but are encouraged to send wasted colleagues job descriptions and employment ads to help them escape from their crappy job.

A player gets out of Workplace Wasteland by...

(1) Telling the boss off within the next three pay periods to encourage your firing. If you succeed in doing this you immediately advance to the unemployment office without your two weeks pay.
(2) Using the "Get Out of Work Free Card" to put in your two weeks notice.
(3) Purchasing the "Get Out Work Free Card" from another colleague who also hates their job, and playing it. This purchase may be negotiated between colleagues and may include reminding the current card-holder of the pitiful merits of their dead-end job.

Suggested uses:

- Liberation from a dead-end job
- Beating management to the punch by quitting before facing imminent firing
- Obtaining a day off or leave from work at the last minute

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