Administrative Professionals Day Fun

Every business day of the year they make sure we're all happy workers and keep our homes away from home - the office - humming smoothly. Every wise worker knows that Administrative Professionals are the glue holding their business together, and every year we ask them to do more with less. To help recognize their superhuman efforts, we present a Happy Worker salute to our friendly neighborhood administrative professionals!

Ecards for Administrative Professionals Day

administrative professionals secretary fun ecard

Whether your Admin Pro is a multitasking master, the office glue, the wisest staff member at the office, or the chief string puller, recognize their contribution to the office this Administrative Professionals Day! Personalize and send in a snap.

Administrative Professionals Day Quotes and Secretary Sayings

reception answer both administrative professional quotesWith Administrative Professionals Day and Week fast approaching, so comes this collection of Administrative Professional quotes. In celebration of our hyper-organized, people loving, multi-task master friends on the front lines of busy offices everywhere, use these sayings to remind your admin how much you care.



Movies for Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative professional movies

If the boss wears Prada and workin' 9-5 somehow reminds you of Dolly Parton, then it's time to admin-it-up with a movie marathon dedicated to hard working administrative professionals. Swap the file folders for popcorn and trade your cupa' joe for a cupa' salty butter for maximum office manager mayhem.


Top 5 Worst Quotes for Administrative Professionals Day

administrative professional day holiday card quotesWhile anyone who's worked in a busy office knows how important administrative professionals are to the smooth sailing of any biz, others manage to jam their feet in their mouths when it comes to admin work. This Top 5 Worst Quotes for Admin Professionals Day will leave you shaking your head, but slap-happy to be alive in the modern age of this profession. "Congratulations" to the "kind hearted", "forward thinking", "non gender biased" members of the Top 5! 

The Skinny on Administrative Professionals Day & Week

administrative professional day informationAdministrative Professionals make working skiffs into happy workers - plain and simple. Without their top notch organization, facilitation, wisdom and ungodly knowledge of all things corporate, workers would be chickens lost in the cube farm.





Dani Crosby/Happy Worker
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