Sexy Work Stats... Who's Doin' it at YOUR Office?

While office romance may be present in your workplace, do you really know the extent of the funny business that happens after hours? Or in your colleague's e-mail account? Read below for the scandalously statistical possibilities of finding your mate at work, being naughty on the job and being caught doin' it at the office. Entry-level employees: shield your eyes.

19% of people have done it on the job

17% of employees confess to being caught doing it on the job

Which means...If you do it on the job, you have a 90% chance of getting caught!

Most common places to be discovered having sex at work: the board room, engineering lab, stairwell, and office kitchen. What about the supply room, we ask??

42% of employees have confessed to being involved in an office romance

16% of workers are aware of office policies regarding workplace romance

58% of management would interfere with an office romanceĀ  (but only if it compromised work)

25% of workplace relationships eventually lead to marriage

50% of workers have a secret crush on a colleague

33% of workers admit they have exchanged flirtatious emails with a colleague despite being in a relationship

71% of workers wouldn't mind if their colleagues were having an affair in the office

89% of workers say that an office romance between colleagues is "none of their business"

70% of workers who are romancing colleagues have kept their affairs completely secret

Most legendary workplace fling:
-Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

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