Sneeze Facts for Sniffling Workers

Sneezes, like it or not, give your honker a voice. These sudden and often violent explosions of air and liquid were once thought to be little more than your nose’s way of cleaning up shop. However, with a little understanding about sneezeology, individuals around the world are embracing the spasmodic interruption and celebrating the sneeze for its unique, and sometimes orgasmic merits.

What your Sneeze says about You

The explosion caused by a sneeze may just provide the behavioral indicators necessary to get to know your new colleague. A sneeze can act as a dead giveaway of your true personality, according to Patty Wood, sneeze expert.  While a sneeze is a sneeze, according to Wood, the idiosyncrasies that accompany the act are behavioral giveaways.  For example, restraining your sneeze suggests that you dislike conflict and hope to get on well with others while a fast and decisive sneeze displays personal efficiency.

Sneeze in Threes? Yes, Please!

Survey results show that 50% of successive sneezers are charismatic, creative and good communicators. The other 50% miss out, according to surveys, and pick up the cost of extra tissues for being triple-threat sneezers. Think your triple sneezing session is worse than a one-ply tissue? Think again. The world record holder for successive sneezing, UK resident Donna Griffiths, sneezed for 978 days in a row.  Donna sneezed up a storm in ’81, producing around one million sniffle explosions. Since around 100 000 bacteria fly out with each sneeze, Donna may have spread up to 100 billion bacterial buddies by year end.

While the source of Donna’s unfortunate sneezing session is unknown, we do know that sneezing normally occurs when particles take shelter in your shnozz. Pollutants from the air and dust bunnies from behind the filing cabinet enter into your nose, causing the human body to expel them in a fabulous spectacle of 100mph spray.

Look Toward the Light for Sneeze Stimulation

Your glowing computer screen or curtainless window may be to blame for your sneezes, that is, if you’re lucky enough to have a photonic sneeze reflex. 1 in every 3 people sneezes as a result of light sensitivity, with other sneeze summoning activities including over eating, shivering, eyebrow tweezing and sexy activity.

While sexy and sneezing are words not commonly found in the same sentence, the fetish worthy act of sneezing is sometimes referred to as a nose orgasm. The Dalai Lama also speaks of the low-level near-death awareness and "clear light" that can be brought on during a sneeze session.

Corporate Kleenex for Sneeze Filled Workplaces

While individual sneeze style sings of your personality, workplace sneeze parties reveal only the location of your abundant dust bunny supply. Toronto software company SAS Institute constructed a Green office building with the intent of fighting the “sneeze factor” normally inherent in old, stuffy buildings.  The new post renovation open office environment now allows air to circulate better, according to President Carl Farrell. 

That tickle in your nose is looking for escape, so don’t be afraid to let it out in the board room. If a charismatic sneeze is indeed orgasmic, then the meeting is about to get much more interesting.

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