Giving Birth in the Workplace

Being pregnant while working is one thing, but giving birth in the workplace is another. Hospital babies may be a thing of the past, as the number of US citizens having babies at work may be on the rise. If you’re looking to win the 2007 Workplace Midwife Award, then you’re up against these ladies and gents:

Pregnancy’s heating up

Nadine Aristide gave birth to her bundle of joy this week not in a hospital bed, but in a fire station.  While driving home with her mom, Nadine announced that the gestation flame inside her had gone out. Stopping at a nearby fire station, workers came to the rescue, swapping their fire hoses for towels. We’re not sure what happened to those houses that were on fire at the time, but we’re certain that the 7lb 1oz fire station baby is doing well. 

The reason for the baby’s urgent arrival at the fire station may stem from the fact that babies like it hot. More babies are born during the summer months than any other time of the year. The previous stat may confirm your suspicion that adults dislike the cold as much as their babies, as most babies are conceived when winter's approaching.

Birth gets fishy

Cindy Preisel gave birth last August to her baby boy 30 miles off the coast of Florida on the shrimp boat where she works as a cook. Without a doctor in sight, the ship’s captain Ed Keisel abandoned his catch to help Cindy give birth to a shrimp of her own. Keisel not only helped Preisel give birth, but also delivered the baby feet first and administered CPR when the shrimp boat baby was not breathing. Don’t be fooled by this captain’s life-saving ability.. if you’re a shrimp, then your outlook is not good.

On-the job bundles of joy

The chances of giving birth in the workplace are slim, but if the baby on your sonogram resembles a horse shoe, then your chances of going into labor while laboring are spectacular. US birth statistics reveal that in 2005, only 1% of births occurred outside of a hospital. Of these, 65% of deliveries happened at home and 27% of mommies and daddies opted to have their babies in birthing centers. If you happen to be one of the 2367 lucky moms to give birth in some other mysterious location, then you’re a candidate for a workplace baby.

Although poppin’ out your babe in the workplace isn’t ideal, consider the alternatives, like giving birth in a moving vehicle. Dashboard babies aren’t common, but there is something ironically beautiful about conceiving and delivering your baby in the same place.

Shane Kirshenblatt/Happy Worker
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