There’s Nothing Transsexy about Workplace Harassment

Transsexual workers are takin’ flack in the workplace, according to a recent account. An anonymous transsexual factory worker claims that gossip and harassment became common in her workplace after HR spilled the beans about her gender switcher-oo. 

The worker is not terribly man-thusiastic about her HR department’s loose lips, which have resulted in harassment from coworkers. The rumor-mill at this factory finally shut down, but only as a result of the transsexual worker’s dismissal, based on her apparent low output. This mouth-flapping management team is now taking heat for the dismissal, bringing light to the subject of harassment against transsexual workers.

Workplace statistics find that one third of transsexual workers have been harassed at work, with up to half being fired from a job as a result of “switching teams”, genderally speaking. Governments are getting wise to the discrimination sensation faced by transsexuals. Although more than a handful of states have enacted laws to protect transsexual people who go to work, others are slow to develop inclusive anti-discrimination policies.

Hating on transsexual hires may not be every manager’s intention. Without exposure to transgender issues, managers are left floundering in a pool of ignorance. But have managers indeed been exposed… without knowing it? The exact number of transsexual people in the US is tough to confirm but it’s estimated that as many as 75 out of every 5000 individuals is in the process of changing genders. Sooooo…if your workplace employs more than 1000 people, the chances are as many as 15 people have their pick of either restroom.

A Transsexual Fact a Day Keeps the Harassment Away

Restroom selection isn’t the most complicated topic on the list of workplace concerns for transgender workers. Lots of people who undergo a gender transition take a break from work so that their brand new parts will be accompanied by a brand new job. Others work from home since transitioning on-the-job can be tricky.

Man turned fem Jessica McKinnon provides some tips to on-the-job sex changes. The ultimate goal is to make a transition the “biggest non-event in company history”. The switch will inevitably raise some eyebrows and turn some heads, but having a strategy that integrates coworkers will help educate the labor force on the subject, while hopefully shutting down the rumor mill for good.

Thinking about switching teams? McKinnon says that chatting with HR and giving colleagues the resources and time to adapt to the chance will help any worker exchange their outies for innies, or vice versa, while remaining happy workers.
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