McDonald's Supersizing Education with High School Credits

Workplace skill building has gotten tastier, after McDonald's announced this week that their UK McTraining efforts can count as high school credits. McDonald's is one of the first companies to be recognized by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Private sector businesses looking to bite into national unemployment rates can have now validate their training programs to be recognized for their educational merits– serving up extra helpings of high school credits to the UK job market.

This made-to-order training initiative hopes to have a super sized effect on the underskilled labor pool, making transferable skill building easier than ever. And who better to help fry-guy youngsters graduate from highschool than McDonald's– 12% of American have labored for McDonald's at some point during their lives. 

Some Educators "Grimace" at the Plan

Not everyone is convinced that McTraining will digest the problem of an unskilled labor force. Sally Hunt, of the University and College Union, points out that getting a McD degree through working in one specific and narrow organization doesn’t compare to the real thing. Hunt also suggests that McDonald's history of questionable employment policies and anti-union stance may clog the arteries of students.

Professor Fry Guy says…

McEducation isn’t just a buzz word at McDonald's. Proud students at Hamburger University (HU) can study in 28 languages. So far, one quarter of a million McD’s franchisees, managers and employees have graduated from the McDonald's training school. 19 full time professors are employed at HU, dedicated to the art of flippin’ burgers and gently hamburglaring customers' wallets.  The American Council on Education also recognizes McDonald’s HU as the only restaurant to receive credit for its corporate training methods.

Hamburglar’s secret to skill building

What do McDonald’s employees learn anyways? Known as the mother of all standardizers, McDonald's works to streamline production processes to a "T"– from the length of their fries to the number of mini ketchup packs dispensed per meal, McPolicy has no end at this fast food pioneer.

Joining this highly streamlined minimum wage club certainly has it its perks. Along with the ability to nugget-grab whenever the mood strikes, McDonald's workers also gain some useful skills from their McJobs, including...

Shows judgment, good taste and control over the urge to over-salt. Those customers aren’t deer, for peat’s sake.

Burger creation
Develops attention to detail, cleanliness, and burger building ability (pickle placement, slivered onion positioning and condiment application) and makes replication fun!

Front-end server
Increases thickness of skin, conflict management, communication skills, automatic smiling, SOB customer relationship management

Till management
Money handling, accuracy, attention to detail, accountability, exposure to coin-transferred diseases of all sorts

Accuracy, focus, intercom translation skills, communication skills and ability to withstand temperature change

Ronald’s no Richie Rich

Want to manage a restaurant, but not sure how to get your foot in the door? Ronald's oversized shoe doorstopper always leaves the McDoor open. Just remember: while the skills are free at McDonald's – the smiles may cost you.

While the golden arches may be mistaken for a rainbow, any leprechaun will tell you there’s no pot 'o gold at the end of this meaty rainbow. McDonald's management trainees in the UK can expect to make £18 500 year, or just under $38 000/year, but starting employees make just over minimum wage.

Earning minimum wage with no homework explains why for some students, becoming a McWorker and getting a diploma at the same time beats having to attend high school.
Evan Vincent
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