The siesta is undergoing a renaissance

Long hailed as “Spain’s secret weapon” and considered by some to by the country's greatest contribution to civilization, the siesta - is undergoing a renaissance.

By North American standards an afternoon nap during the workday would be seen as lazy and grounds for dismissal but in the southern tourist hotspot of Seville, Spain some Hoteliers are trying to lure clients in from the sizzling city by offering rooms between 3pm and 7pm at 30% of the normal rate, to slumber through the hottest hours. The intention is that you emerge refreshed to enjoy what Spaniards savor as the best part of the day: late afternoon, sunset and after dark.

Studies confirm what every office worker knows: that between 2pm and 4pm you feel a little sluggish. Research worldwide shows that productivity improves among those who nap after lunch, the Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia noted last year. "A short rest after lunch could soon become the norm,"

Currently there are many North American Hotels offering short stay rates (even hourly) but they are usually near the airport and not really intended for naps :)
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