German business lessons: from Prisons to Porta-potties

In celebration of the end of the Oktoberfest season, we’re serving up some delicious oddball news stories that came from Deutschland today…. plus a side of sage business advice. Workplace lesson #1: While it’s easier to stay with the evils you know then to fight your fear of the unknown, you’ll end up stuck in jail with bad food and worse company. An inmate who has been in a German prison for 34 years refuses to leave, even though he’s been offered to be let free many times over the last 14 years. The inmate is now 59 years old, and was convicted of murder in East Germany in the 70s. In Germany, prisoners sentenced to life in prison can’t be forced to leave if they don’t want to. Unfortunately, no word from the prisoner as to why he’s decided jail’s the place to be. (pssst… if your cubicle feels a little too much like a jail cell, pick up a copy of the classifieds and send out some resumes!) Workplace lesson #2: Following orders can be a good thing… unless they’re moronic. Case in point… a German driver followed the instructions of his car’s navigational system to a tee when it mistakenly told him to “turn right now!” about 30 yards before he was supposed to make the turn… and drove his vehicle straight into a porta-potty by the side of the road. Total cost of damage: $2500. Not sure how many of those pine tree shaped air fresheners he’ll need to freshen up that new car smell. (hey, if the boss is asking you to drive into a crapper, maybe it’s time to question their judgement… or their sick sense of humor).
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