Coming from a Womb near you... KidZilla!

KidZilla... mom movie, coming soon from a womb near you!

For Expecting Mommies and New Mommies

Beware the coming of… KidZilla!

Coming soon from a womb near you… a creature so dependent and life-altering, it can reduce households throughout the nation into a wasteland of burnt out mommies and daddies. This miniature monster invades hipster lifestyles without a second thought, and assaults unsuspecting parents with a blistering attack of tantrums and giggles.

Conventional reason and sleeping schedules are no use against the irrational desires of this terrifying tyke, who demands worship while providing only spit-up and dirty diapers in return. Soothers and tickles may calm the beast, but take caution … you're going to need the patience of a saint to deal with the terrors of… KidZilla!

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* Print for expecting moms, new mommies or any mother who's managed to tame these horrifyingly cute baby beasts.

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