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Pop Out of the Patch with this Halloween Card!

Halloween Pop-up instructions
Halloween Pop-up Instructions

Halloween Pop-up Card - Be a Happy Worker!

Download the .jpg file of this pop-up card and spread the Happy Hallo-wishes with family and friends! This scary card is easy to make and fun to receive!

Download both parts of the card here!


Download JPG

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Playing Toy Dress-up for Halloween

Happy Worker toys in Halloween customs
Happy Worker's toy creations, ready for Trick or Treating

Why leave all the fun to humans and pets? This year we thought best to dress up a few of our happy toy creations, too!

Who's willing to tell the George Romero Plush that he accidentally dressed up for the wrong holiday? ;)



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Happy Worker Visits Sony Playstation's Bad-ass Prop Room

"Let There be Light!"

The Hearthstone replica is the latest collaboration between Blizzard and Happy Worker. This piece of toy art is inspired by Blizzard's free online card game, and features LEDs that allow it to glow in a natural (and rather calming) "breathing" rhythm.

Right after the replica's release we saw videos, posts and tweets plastered around the web.

Here are a video posted by BlizzPlanet

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GeekMan Finds Love on Valentine's Day

Nom Nom Paleo's Michelle Prepares Heart

Toy Mapping: Mascot Toys of the Summer and Winter Games

Olympic mascot toys Sochi 2014 to 1968
Games mascots toys 1968 to 2014

To celebrate the unusual history of mascot toys from the Summer and Winter Games we’ve created this easy-to-use toy map, starting from the introduction of the first ‘unofficial’ Games mascot in 1968 through to the upcoming 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

> To meet a Games mascot toy click a location on the map!
p.s. For a better view, try opening map in a new window.

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Chinese New Year Happy Worker Dim Sum

Happy New Year!
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Hey, Where Are All The Posts??

If you’ve reached this page, you may be wondering:

Where the heck are all the blog posts??

The short answer: they’re all in our heads…. but will be coming soon (or soonish) to a web browser near you.

We’ll be posting about toy making, toy culture and the wonderful intersections of toys, gaming, design, art, and fandom. Plus the odd Happy Worker happening and thing we think are cool and worth sharing.

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Scalemate Plush Delivery at What Pumpkin Studios

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