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Custom toys made just for you and your fans.
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Looking for Custom Toys? Please make yourself comfortable.

Happy Worker has been making toys for 10 years, and we make all sorts of toys.

While vinyl figures, action figures, polystone statues, and plush toys are the most popular toys Happy Worker makes, below we’ll review some of the other collectibles we also manufacture.

We hope we'll succeed in piquing your interest, and that you'll contact us for an estimate.

(p.s. for all the great types of toys Happy Worker makes please visit our Custom Toys page.)

Custom Vinyl Figures - Get Started Making Toys!


Working with Happy Worker was a great experience. They moved fast to build a dealer gift that fit with our campaign, our budget, and our event timelines. They didn't just produce the Talking Cars; they took care of every part of the project. I'm looking forward to working with Happy Worker again on's next dealer gift.

Diane Massie, Director of Marketing

Other Toys we Love to Make

Stress Toys

Squishy foam stress balls, custom designed and manufactured in the likeness of your mascot, brand character, or product. Detail painted and custom packaged, these are not your run-of-the-mill stress relievers.


Custom Capes

High quality costume and superhero capes designed from scratch with premium fabrics and screen printing to match our clients’ needs. Professionally patterned and tailored, our capes are made with style and wearability in mind.

Tin Lunch boxes

Retro-styled tin lunch boxes that borderline on works of tinplate art. Custom printed all over and embossed just for our clients.


Custom Plastic Figures

Looking for a plastic figure? If action figures, vinyl figures, or resin figurines aren't the right fit, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Army Men

Custom designed little green army men-style figures with unusual professionals, unique poses, and custom packaging. Contact us for more info.

Metal Collectibles

Heavy weight metal collectibles of all sorts are possible. We have experience making diecast vehicles, pewter figurines, and sheet metal business card holders. Contact us for details.

Bendy Toys

Just like Gumby, these toys are custom designed and manufactured with wires in the arms and legs for posing and playing. Contact us for more details.

Mini Figures

You might find what you're looking for under vinyl figures and action figures, but if those aren't quite what you have in mind, please contact us.

Imagineering Service

For truly inventive toys unlike anything made before, our imagineering service might be right for now. Please call us and ask about imagineering.

And More!

If you don’t see the toy you have in mind on the list, by all means contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

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