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We make the fussiest fans happy.

We create collectibles and toys that fans, collectors, and your average everyday humans love. It’s what we do.

Convention Exclusives


We create collectibles, toys and gifts that help our clients stand out – and then quickly be sold out.

Please contact us with your ideas, your event date, and your goals for the event exclusive of your dreams, and together we'll craft a toy or collectible that wows event-goers and fans.

E3 fans and gamers getting their custom plush foxtails from Nival
Blizzard Booth at San Diego Comic-con - Exclusive Sylvanas vinyl figure
Super Recruiter custom action figures at SHRM

Leasing Pro custom action figures at trade show
NADA custom diecast car
Service Guy vinyl figures at HostingCon

Show Producers

We work with show organizers and producers to create the best ever attendee gifts. Together w'ell make an attendee-exclusive collectible that's treasured, shown to friends and colleagues, and that helps increase show attendance all on its own.

Fans receiving Roger Mozbot custom vinyl figures
Fans with exclusive Cute But Deadly vinyl figures at BlizzCon
Starcraft 2 army men - Marines & Zergs - at BlizzCon


We gave out Rogers at our user conference, MozCon… and people are crazy about them. They absolutely love them. No negative comments. Not one.

Charlene Inoncillo, Marketing

Tucows was the most talked about company at our largest trade show. The Service Guy toys and original merchandise we created with Happy Worker were terrific touch points and conversation starters. They deserve the Oscar for best supporting role in our event marketing.

Ken Schafer, EVP
Tucows OpenSRS

The tails were a HUGE success... thanks for everything. Without exaggeration they were easily the #1 or #2 best swag at the show (E3).

Dave Christensen, GM Americas

The “a's” looked awesome. You freakin rock. They were a hit at the show. Thank you, and your team, so much... there were many asking where we got it and how can they get one.

Brett McCoy, Partner
Poza & Citizen

Working with Happy Worker was a great experience. They moved fast to build a dealer gift that fit with our campaign, our budget, and our event timelines. They didn't just produce the Talking Cars; they took care of every part of the project. I'm looking forward to working with Happy Worker again.

Diane Massie, Trade Marketing

[Super Leasing Pro] was the hit of the show and I wanted to once again thank you and the team at Happy Worker for all of the work you guys did to ensure that she would be ready on time and looking super fantastic!

Maureen Boyle, Dir. Marketing

Fan Merchandise

Our team is full of fans… so we know what fans like – and how picky they (we) are.

We’re often called upon to create different types of fan merchandise. Some of these are offshoots from a central toy or collectible. Other times we’re asked to truly innovate and create something that’s never been seen before. Some more popular types of fan friendly merchandise that we create: 

  • Capes & Costumes: Merging play and wearables means fans can become their favorite character.
  • Playful Desk Accessories: Unique desk toys that are designed to be useful... and playful too.
  • Collector Lunchboxes: Collector or retro, lunchboxes are great lunch – and artwork – transporters.
  • Others & Imagineering: If we can think it, and it fits with your goals & our happy n' playful passions, then there's a good chance we can concept and produce it too.

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